We are told we need an income tax to lower property taxes. What we need is to reduce spending, especially on schools. The solution to lower education costs and better education is a larger variety of public charter schools. Public charter schools are doing a great job educating their students and doing it for nearly half the cost of the traditional public schools. Let parents and students choose the school that is best for them and save us all money doing it! Beyond that, the state needs to stop growing its bureaucracy. The more money that is taken out of the economy to feed the government the less there is for growth of private business. The fact is that in every state that has voted for an income tax the property taxes have continued to rise anyway. That's because the more you feed the government, the more it grows, the more money it needs. Lower taxes are the result of lower spending, not new taxes. Vote for John French VI to lower your taxes!

Love of God, love of neighbor, love of country - Patriotism

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